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Cluster Drill Hammers (Multi hammer super drill)-Patented

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Cluster Drill Hammers (Multi hammer super drill)-Patented

│ Product Description │

● CD hammer is designed to drill holes of over 2000mm diameter in a single pass. Different type of CD hammers are used according to the conditions of construction site, hole diameter, drilling rig and etc.
● K&T produces CD hammers for the size from 380mm up to 2000mm in drilling hole diameter.
● CD hammer has been proven for its efficient performance, less noise and high speed.
● CD hammer is compatible with various drilling rigs including augur machine, crane kelly drive, crane top drive and other suitable ones.

│ Company introduction │

K&T is a leading manufacturer & exporter of DTH hammer and bits in the country, approved and awarded by the Korean government for its innovative technology and transparent management.

Our extensive product line includes;
  DTH Hammer/Bit
  Cluster Drill Hammer/Bit
  Overburden drilling systems
  Ring Bit
  Screw Tubing, Screw Rod
  Hammer Breakout Tong
  Oil Lubricator
  Relative parts and Joints


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Cluster Drill Hammers _Multi hammer super drill__Patented